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    Enthusiasm is hotter than high temperature,youth is flying.     DATE: 2016-12-23 15:54:54    The author:本站

    --- Tribute to the colleagues working in the boat FURI8
    In the hot July, the re-equipping project of the sand-sucker FURI 8 entered the attack stage. Surrounded by the steel, the temperature is up to 40-50 ℃.Heat waves are rolling, even a little move will be covered with sweat on the deck. Under such high temperature,the colleagues working in FURI 8 do not be frightened, still enthusiastic to fight on their stations.
    The re-equipping project of the sand-sucker FURI 8 is the first ship repair order received, now entering the final stages of debugging. For this order, the first purpose is quality, aim at providing products to satisfy the owner, every colleagues determined to go all out to work.
    This project obtained the company leadership’s care and every department's  coordination. The production department reassigned the backbone to the FURI 8 constructions, the technical department designed the optimized plan, the executive promptly provided the mineral water and prevent-heatstroke medicine to the staffs, the supply department provided the corresponding equipment on time, to guarantee the equipment can be according to the install plan, all colleagues worked as one to make the first order reaches the ultimate good. When the FURI 8 delivered, every one involved in the refit work will feel great pride.
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