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    School-enterprise Cooperation, Mutual Benefit and Win-win     DATE: 2016-12-23 15:55:48    The author:本站

       On June 17, 2011, accompanied by leaders of Haimen Development Zone, professor Shi Zhubin, Vice President of Nantong Shipping College (NTSC), visited Haixin HI in the rain.  In the reception room, Mr. Chen Wuzhou, Zhang Yafeng and other company leaders met the guests, and communicated with the guests about School-enterprise cooperation, training and other aspects. On the meeting, President Shi outlined the scale and professional setting of NTSC, and introduced the order-type personnel training plan with emphasis. Vice general manager Chen Wuzhou also briefed the developments of Haixin HI to the guest, and given full recognition to students from NTSC on "positioning, hardworking, hands-on ability". After the meeting, Human Resources Department of the company discussed with related leaders of NTSC on the order-type personnel training plan, and reached a preliminary intention.
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