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    The contract of underwater motor for 4500m3/h cutter su     DATE: 2016-12-23 16:00:07    The author:本站

    July 15, 2011 is a joyous day, in the Office building of Haixin HI, Mr. Meng Xianhong, Chairman of Haixin HI, signed the business contract of 4 sets 1400kw underwater motors for the dredger and water pump used on the 4500m3/h cutter suction dredger with the representatives from Netherlands Bakker Sliedrecht company.
        Bakker Sliedrecht company, with decades of experience in dredging ship electrical systems integration and electrical equipment manufacturing, has been keeping a well cooperation relationship with the Netherlands IHC Corporation and the four major dredging companies in the world. In the project of 4500m3/h cutter suction dredgers, we take a wide variety of advanced environmental dredging concept. Bakker's technical representatives provided much valuable advice and technical support for this project, especially on the technical details. We believe that with cooperation and exchange in-depth, both of us will build up better cooperation relations.
        Bakker Sliedrecht company representatives said that the scale of Haixin HI and the advanced hardware and software configuration gave them a deep impression, and hope to introduce Haixin HI to other partners in dredging field. Chairman Meng present a picture of Bird's eye view of Haixin HI as a gift to the Netherlands guests, and wishes there will be more opportunity to know new partners.
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