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    The design of 13800m3 trailing suction dredger program succe     DATE: 2016-12-23 16:02:01    The author:本站

        August 20, 2011, the examine meeting for the design of 13800m3 trailing suction dredger was held in the meeting room of Jiangsu Haihong Construction Co., Ltd. Participates in the meeting were: the ship owner Jiangsu Haihong Construction Co., Ltd., the designer No.708 Research Institute of CSSC, the builder Jiangsu Haixin HI, and the examine group composed of 12 experts.
        In the morning, firstly the designer of 13800m3 suction dredger described the design programs in detail, and provided the related documents and the blueprint to the participants. Followed by, the experts and representatives of the ship owner asked questions. The experts made a careful discussion to the design proposal details, and gave out their own suggestions according to the world wide advanced design concept of this ship type. In the afternoon’s discussion meeting, the participants lively discussed the optimal designs give out by the experts, and formed the calendar of the meeting and the expert’s opinions. Finally, the expert group unanimously adopted the examination of the project design.
        It is understood that this 13800m3 trailing suction dredger, which will be built by Haixin HI is currently the largest one in this ship type in our country. Its configuration is also advanced in the international ranks.
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