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    Japanese guests visited Haixin HI     DATE: 2016-12-23 16:18:13    The author:本站

        In the afternoon of October 11, a group of guests from Japan, named “The Mission Group for Chinese Engineering Vessels” was warmly welcomed by Haixin HI. There are representatives of Japanese shipping manufacturers and representatives of the ship owners in the Mission. As soon as they arrived, they went straightly to the site, and then, they had a deep communication with our company’s leaders in the VIP room on the 10F of the office building for more than one hour. The communication went on in a warmly and friendly way. The guests asked detail questions about the development of dredging industry, shipbuilding industry in China and the development of Haixin HI, and Chairman Meng answered the questions briefly one by one. Finally, Japanese guests not only surprised by the developing pace of China's shipbuilding industry and the construction scale of Haixin HI, but also felt huge competition pressure.

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