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    Jiangsu maritime bureau deputy director     DATE: 2016-12-23 16:25:00    The author:本站

        At midday on December 18, 2011, Jiangsu maritime bureau deputy director Mr. Wang Xiufeng and the Yangtze River waterway administration deputy director Mr. Zhu Ruming together to visit Jiangsu Haixin Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. President Mr. Meng Xianhong personally received the delegation of leaders. Deputy chief Wang has brought us the good news: the central economic work conference, the firstly will be development of the entity economy in an extremely important position, emphasize "firmly grasp the development of the entity economy this solid foundation, and strive to create encouraged to stand on solid ground, hard-working entrepreneurs, industry rich social atmosphere"; real estate rational adjustment, attract resources regression industrial. Subsequently, Mr. Meng accompanied two leaders, drove straight to the outfitting deputy director Mr. zhu interested to boarded Shanghai Honghanggong No.8 engineering ship, and personally get to the engine room, crew quarters, and boarded the cockpit, configuration, performance of the ship had a detailed understanding. Two leaders were full confirmed Jiangsu Haixin construction scale and reasonable planning to offer sufficient affirmation.
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