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    The commencement ceremony of 1000T Emergency Rescue and Salv     DATE: 2016-12-25 06:48:51    The author:本站

       On August 9th, 2014, 1000 T emergency rescue and salvage floating crane owned by Changjiang Waterway Bureau was officially commenced in haixin shipyard, which indicated that the first phase of infrastructure construction was completed and also a new level for haixin to develop the special engineering ship-building. This ship is designed for the emergency rescue and salvage crane work of Three Gorges Reservoir Area. It is the first ship ordered by Changjiang Waterway Bureau, of which the task is mainly for the salvage of shipwrecks in Three Gorges Reservoir Area as well as the Middle reaches of the Yangtze River if necessary.
           The floating crane is a self-propelled ship, which is equipped with Dynamic positioning system and anchor moored positioning system. The total construction value of the floating crane will be 400 million.
           Haixin shipyard is the subsidiary of Jiangsu Haihong construction engineering CO., LTD., which has obtained the second class qualifications of General contract for Port and Waterway Engineering as well as Hydropower Engineering. On march, 2014, the construction for the new site of haixin shipyard has been officially started, with the first phase total invest of 1billion.Our core business includes the design, manufacture as well as repair of marine engineering equipment and special engineering vessel including the bulk carrier, tug boat, cutter suction dredger, trailing suction hopper dredger, grab dredger, pile driving ship, floating crane, floating dockyard and so on.
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