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    The Successful Delivery Ceremony of the Hai Yu 5(HX018) Engi     DATE: 2016-12-25 07:00:08    The author:本站

    On December 12, 2014, Jiangsu Haixin Heavy Industries co., LTD held the delivery ceremony of the Hai Yu 5(HX018) engineering ship which is built for the branch of Jiangsu Hai Yu shipping Heavy Industries co., LTD in Nantong.
    The Hai Yu 5(HX018) engineering ship, which is a single-bottomed, single-decked, and transverse framing-structured, double-engined and double-paddled working ship, was mainly used for setting and withdrawing the oil boom, assisting the approaching and leaving the dock operation and the external assisting of fire fighting along the coastal area. The construction began on July 8th, 2013 and was finished on November 21th, 2014.
    The rated power of this ship is 2*456kw. It has a navigational speed of 13 knots. It is equipped with a set of 16kn hydraulic steering gear, two 30 kw generators, one electric mooring winch, one 5 kn rotary hydraulic crane and three fire monitors.
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