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    Warm Congratulations to Haixin Shipyard for the Dock Gate As     DATE: 2016-12-25 07:02:37    The author:本站

    On January 12th, 2005, the ceremony of 1# buoyancy tank type dock gate assembly built by Haixin shipyard was held in haixin dockyard.
    The dock gate is a gate for the new built Haixin 1# dock, with which the cross section is rectangular and function is to block water outside the dock and clean water in the dock gate by drainage system. After that we can make ship building and repair business in the dock.
    The gate with its length 58 meters, width7.8meters, height 13 meters and weight about 1000t, is floated by four drainage pumps in the gate. The floating of the gate needs about 40 minutes each time. After floated, it will be tugged to quay and then roped by cables. The assemble of the dock gate will give an impetus to the final completion of Haixin dock.
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