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    Haixin Shipyard Safely Got Through the Typhoon “Canhong”     DATE: 2016-12-25 07:33:57    The author:本站

     The typhoon came in full fury and gathered energy and once reached 17 stage(wind speed reached over 60m/s).When the typhoon reached beyond Haimen for almost 1000 km on July 8th,by the guidance of “put safety in priority” from Mr. Meng xianhong ,the General Manager of Haixin Shipping Heavy Industry. Haixin shipyard made a series of defense deployment measures according to the Emergency prevent program on July 8th. As Haimen went into the 800 km defense warning range of typhoon, Haixin Shipyard issued a written document with regard to defense No.1509 “canhong” typhoon, which underlined doing a good job before the coming of typhoon and carrying out typhoon defense plan. Haixin Heavy industry defensed the typhoon canhong and insisted “Not a bit careless”. On July 11th, the “canhong” typhoon fell in 14 stage after landing in Zhoushan Zhujiajian. Although the typhoon may passed by Haimen, Haixin Heavy Industry also been very careful. All the people were in the management on duty and all the temporary housing were out of use at night. There were 500 people evacuated into the safe area. After July 12th, we checked the factory. There were no death and no loss of company’s property. Haixin Heavy Industry will conclude from this experience and improve the defensing typhoon plan based on defensed the strong typhoon successfully. Haixin shipyard will resume on the afternoon of July 12th.
    (Text and images provided by staff of PM Dept. and TM Dept.
    ShaoYuancong translated, Mao Yong revised)
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