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    Haixin Shipyard completed the crucial node for two products     DATE: 2016-12-25 07:34:25    The author:本站

     As the hot summer approaching,Haixin shipyard encountered a new high tide for production. On July 15th, the node for two products were completed in the same day.1000T full slewing floating crane vesselwas tuged away from the dockyard and enteredinto the quay outfitting phase as well as the gate of 200 thousand tonnage dry dockyard tugged off the dockyard and re-installed after the completion of commissioning. The former has laid a foundation for the delivery of HX019 vessel; the latter created a favorable condition for the piggybacking of 14000T semi-submerged ship. By adhering to the concept of “the best way to reduce the cost is to ensure the nodeand toincrease benefits is to improve efficiency”, Haixinshipyard is now stepping into the modern shipbuilding mode steadily.
    (Text and imagesprovided by Gao Yuan, Miao Xu, Qin Hongjun, Ye Baotong,
    Cao Xu translated, Mao Yong revised)

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