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    Haixin Shipyard to Strive for the Goal of 200 Days     DATE: 2016-12-25 07:58:36    The author:本站

      On the morning of 20th, July,the General Manager of Mr. Meng organized the meeting. He proposed the task and goals called fighting 200 days of Haixin Shipyard. Before October, we must complete one being-built vessel and the repair work of four vessels, Start the new building of four vessels. Within 200 days the 8 products and 18 major nodes shall be accomplished.
    Mr.Meng Called on all the staffs to devote oneself to the production business and strictly control quality, ensure safety so as to acquire a completely new outlook viewed from face and capacity and strive for the national task and regional economy as well as make new contributions.
    In the morning, the General Manager Mr.Meng inspected the working site and then hosted the meeting attended by all the leaders from Haixin Shipyard and Haihong Construction. After the meeting, the leaders set themselves as examples for the employees and charged at the head. They all expressed that they will make no efforts to strive for the goals of “200 days”.
    (Photo provided by Management Dep., translated by Mr.Shi Hongjie , revised by Mr.Mao Yong)
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