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    The Future of Haixin Shipyard     DATE: 2016-12-25 07:58:53    The author:本站

    The prelude kicked off by Haixin Shipyard for the” striving for 200 days ”came after the dog days of summer. After 1000 tonnage slewing deck floating vessel undocking, Haixin Shipyard made a decisive measure of bringing in the business of ship repair before the being-built 14000 tonnage offshore semi-submerged ship docking and starting erection. After completed the national overseas project, on 26th, July, the four major special engineering vessels docked and berthed on the docking blocks. It is the first time for Haixin Shipyard to undertake the repair tasks of special engineering vessel in its western base as well as the crucial part of the“the 200 -day task of delivering one being-built vessel and completing the repair work of four vessels”which started on 20th, July.
    It is not only the favorable tradition and scientific position for Haixin Shipyard, is the guarantee for ship fleet as well as the technical support for the Haihong Construction, and also is the critical platform setting for the all-around development and the cross-bordered practice for the employees of Haixin Shipyard.
    Have U see? The smile on their face showed these young brothers were so confident about the new arrived challenge and tasks. From this sight, we can see the Haixin Shipyard together with the staffs were both in a sound and exhilarating working condition, which in effect reveals the corporate culture that the young new forces will grow up under the watch of Haixin Shipyard. Our General Manager was sincerely touched by this scene and warmly appreciated them as the“the future of Haixin Shipyard”.
    (Photo provided by Mr.Zhang Shenghai from production Dep., translated by Mr.Liu Yinyang )
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