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    Haixin Shipyard to Take New Measures for the Strategy of Lea     DATE: 2016-12-25 08:04:22    The author:本站

    The successful construction of Maritime Patrol Boat will rely on the technology of sheet. Maritime Patrol Boat owned by MSA(Jiangsu) is an important part of Haixin project. Currently the maritime patrol boat has entered into the key stage of block construction. That’s to say, we should put priority to the control of deformation, particularly the deformation after welding. Considering that, Haixin shipyard set up QC group specialized for sheet products. By involving the concept of “to establish lean factory and to construct high quality products”, initiated by Mr.Meng, the chairman of Haixin shipyard ,in the construction process, Haixin shipyard spares no effects to take effective control of each quality control point. In addition, the QC group was established under the overall organization of leaders and the coordination of Quality Department. The heads of each department will perform their obligation and responsibility aiming to grasp the initiative of quality for products, not only on the control of deformation, but also on the use of pre-deformation.
    (translated by Miss Lu shengnan, revised by Mr.Mao Yong)
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