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    "Xin ZiLang1"successfully completed the sea trail     DATE: 2018-11-17 06:54:00    The author:本站

           On November 10, 2018, the first of the twin 8000m³ trailing suction hopper dredgers built by our company for Jiangsu Haihong Construction Engineering Co., ltd,sets sail to the east China sea for navigation and dredging tests. On the afternoon of November 15, 2018, the company successfully completed all tests and safely docked at the outfitting dock.
           The ship was invested and built by Jiangsu Haihong Construction Engineering Co., LTD., designed by the 708 Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and completed by Jiangsu Haixin Heavy Industry Co., LTD. The ship meets the Tier Ⅲ emissions requirements and can be used for global world-wide, applicable to the coastal port, waterway dredging and land reclamation operations, and coastal maintenance engineering.
           The sea trial process completed the release and recovery test of the rescue boat, the main engine load test, speed and steering test, Williamson test, the shaft power test, noise and vibration test, the sea trial indicates that all the indexes of the ship meet the design requirements and is far more than that, draft full speed can reach 14.8 knots, 10% more than the design speed, light load speed up to 17.5 knots. During the dredging test, the loading of double inboard pumps, single underwater pump, double underwater pumps, hopper door dumping test, rainbowing test, DP/DT dredging test were completed. It takes 50 minutes when the single underwater pump works at 60 meters dredging deep. Double underwater pumps loading time of 25 minutes; It took 65 minutes to load with the inboard pump. The above data are far higher than the design requirements.
            The ship in the aspect of Marine equipment configuration have updated greatly than the trailing suction hopper dredger before. in order to be able to meet the requirements of many terrain dredging, the maximum dredging depth of the right hopper head can work up to 60 m, it is equipped with two sets of gantry crane for the hopper head on the starboard deck, make it satisfy the different depth of dredging operations at the same time function, and through the DP/DT system can realize the control of DT dredging, DT navigational dredging, fixed-point dredging mode, makes the high precision dredging control was achieved. Equipped with underwater pump (mainly used for underwater dredging) and in-board pump (mainly used for discharge), it can give full play to the maximum dredging performance of the ship under dredging and dredging construction conditions.
            The successful completion of the sea trail and dredging tests of  " Xin ZiLang 1" has laid a solid foundation for the successful delivery. In the following next week, the project team will carefully organize professionals to make regular rectification of the problems in sea trail and dredging tests, and strive to put this ship into use in the shortest time!

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