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    HX Shipyard Puts the Safety Responsibility into Practice and     DATE: 2016-12-25 08:02:15    作者:本站

    After getting the first place in the knowledge contest on safety production in Haimen development zones in June, HX shipyard makes persistent efforts to further carry out the entity responsibility with respect to safety production so as topay off the social commitment to safety.
    Combining with the practical production condition in July, HX shipyard timely puts forward the safety essentials in ship repair business:
    1) the ship repair list and the arrangement of docking supports
    2) the project list of shipyard
    3) the targeted schedule
    4)the targeted income and cost
    5)thearrangement of oil tank and records of oil storage
    6)thearrangement of gangway and pipe lines
    7)thearrangement of firefighting in ship repairing and the bundling of ventilated duct head
    8)the implement of fire permits application and approval notice and the responsibility of fire monitoring
    9)the management of underwater sand blasting and painting
    10)the management of sea chest valves repairing and pipes
    11)the management of anti-overturning before floating out the dry dock
    12)the mooring scheme and its security implementation after floating out the dry dock.
    In July, 8 times safety inspection and reforms for 42 kinds of hidden dangers have been conducted by the yardleaders. In order to promote development of the quality of safety management, put the idea of people foremost and the spirit of special conference concerning the fireproof in July 23rd into practice and focus on implementation of fireproof, explosion-proof and anti-damage in the procedure of HX019 outfitting and the 4 ships repairing project in the dry dock,company requires alldepartments and the staff should judge the whole from a part, externalized the safety standardization in shape, andinternalized that inheart.
    (The photos and manuscript supplied by the staff from Departments of Human
    Resource, Safety and QC,translated by Miss He Huanhuan,revised by Mr. Mao Yong)


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